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Need pest control in San Diego? San Diego is our headquarters and our home! Our temperate climate means pests are a problem year round. At Thrasher we use proven methods to solve your pest problems. No gimmicks, no nonsense, and when we’re done, no pests!

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Very few things are as upsetting as pests in your home or business bringing diseases, biting, or bothering your family or customers. When you call Thrasher Thrasher Termite & Pest Control you’ll work with fast, reliable, and experienced pest control professionals. Our local, San Diego family-owned business has grown by treating every customer as our most important customer. No gimmicks, no nonsense, and when we’re done, no pests. Thrasher Termite & Pest Control is licensed, bonded, insured and sensitive to your needs. And we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work.

We believe that a commitment to exceptional service and to strong business ethics make us a great company to do business with and a great company to work for. We’re proud to have earned the coveted QualityPro accreditation, the mark of excellence in pest management and to lead San Diego in customer satisfaction.

Paradise Pest Solutions clients–welcome to Thrasher! For more information about the merger, please follow this link: Stronger Than Ever!

Lauren Thrasher
Lauren ThrasherOwner/President
Lauren Thrasher is proud to be a small business owner serving the San Diego community. A native of San Diego, Lauren founded Thrasher Termite & Pest Control of So Cal, Inc. with her husband, Garrett Thrasher. She has become a strong voice for professional excellence in the industry. As a member of the NPMA (National Pest Management Association) Executive Leadership Program, Lauren is focused on professional pest control’s importance to public health.

Field Representative License #54350
Member of NPMA Executive Leadership Program
Volunteer Work:
Sexual Assault Victim Advocate at the Center for Community Solutions
Alumni of UC Irvine and Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Garrett Thrasher
Garrett ThrasherOwner/General Manager
Garrett Thrasher is a second generation pest control professional. After training and growing the family business in Northern California he relocated to San Diego where he and his wife, Lauren Thrasher, founded Thrasher Termite & Pest Control of So Cal, Inc. Garrett is recognized for his expertise in bed bug control and termite control. Garrett is author of The Bed Bug Battle Plan: Field Tested Solutions for Bed Bug Extermination and Prevention (ISBN: 1500838209). He is the chairperson of Pest Control Operator’s of California (PCOC) Termite Committee and past chairperson of the San Diego District of PCOC. Garrett’s solid understanding of pests in San Diego, their behavior, current outbreaks, and experience on camera has made him a leading contact for news and media outlets. He has spoken at PestWorld and PestTech, and was featured in PCT Magazine and the PCT Podcast. He takes pride in continuing to lead and help the pest control industry provide the safest and most efficient methods of pest control while preserving the environment as best as possible. In his spare time Garrett coaches his daughter’s Micro Soccer team (5-year-olds) and enjoys golfing.
Structural Pest Operator’s License #12902
Agricultural License #121386
Wildlife Trapping License
Termite Committee Chairperson, PCOC
San Diego District Director, PCOC
Alumni of UC Irvine…Go Anteaters!
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Our Clients Say

“Thrasher understands customer service! They made our termite inspection and the fumigation experience go as smoothly as one can possibly expect.”


“Great service from the initial call to servicing our house. They were able to get a technician out next day to look at our ant problem… We would recommend this company to anyone who is having a pest problem – they are fast, efficient and knowledgeable.”


“We recently acquired an apartment building near downtown San Diego and after we took it over we realized that we had a major pest problem in some of the units. Thrasher was amazing. They did the most thorough inspection, room by room, unit by unit. They then created a treatment plan and worked with each tenant to make sure that they understood what needed to be accomplished before treatment. They returned as necessary when tenants were unprepared and were patient and thorough.”


“I’ve had a great experience with Thrasher Pest Control! They always call ahead to let me know when they’re coming…I’m so glad we chose this company for our pest control needs!”


“Great company! I use both of their services, termite inspection and pest control. Ranon and all other workers are all very professional and thoughtful. Their products are also effective, never see black widows and their webs again. Highly recommend!”


“Thrasher has provided top quality pest control service for my property for a couple of years now. I’m always pleased to see the technician who services our home. He does a great job and always asks us about our pest concerns. He is polite, professional and does an amazing job every time.”


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Thrasher seeks advanced credentials to give customers confidence in our company. We lead the industry in participation in local San Diego, California state, and national pest management associations to promote excellence in pest management.

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Getting Ready for Termite Fumigation

Pest Control Blog

1510, 2018

How Many Termite Swarmers are Too Many?

Does finding termite swarmers inside your house mean that you have a termite infestation? Thrasher Termite & Pest Control staff are often asked about termite swarmers inside the house. Knowing the quantity of winged termites you find is essential for Thrasher to determine whether or not this is a sign of an active termite infestation in your home.

Termite swarmers are reproductive, winged termites whose only goal is to form a new colony and reproduce. A healthy, robust termite colony will seek to expand once or twice a year by producing these aerial explorers.  When the temperature and humidity are just right, winged adults (alates) emerge from the mature colony and are soon airborne. Their fluttery wings are not made for prolonged flight. Instead, it appears that the long thin wings act more as wind catchers, much like the fluff on a dandelion seed.

Termite swarmers are at the mercy of the breeze. If you leave windows and doors open during swarming season, you will find some of these reproductive adult termites in your house. Finding one, two, or even a dozen termite swarmers in your house does not mean you have a termite infestation. These insects probably blew in through an open door. Termite swarmers are adapted to mate and begin new colonies in exterior wood, particularly wood that is weathered, cracked, or unfinished. Swarming termites can come from anywhere (fences, trees, sheds, neighbor’s homes, firewood, etc). Winged termites that do not find a new area to infest will die from dehydration within a few hours. Just sweep or vacuum them up.

However, a significant swarm of 50 to 100 winged termites at the interior of your home is a sign that a colony exists somewhere in your home and has been present for 3 to 6 years. These swarming termites will congregate at a windowsill or glass door as they are attracted to the light. New termite swarmers from an interior colony may emerge for up to two weeks.  When you find 50 or 100 winged termites in one location, call your pest control company.

Winged termites emerge from a hole no larger than the tip of a pen. Unless you actually see winged termites emerging from the pen-tip-sized hole in your home, locating the origination of the colony is nearly impossible. What this means is that localized treatment is not usually the best option since the pest control company cannot know with certainty where to treat. 

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