GreenPro Certified Service

Thrasher Pest Control is deeply committed to protecting the environment we all live in. That is why we chose national certification of our pest control services. When you see one of our services identified as GreenPro certified, it means that the service poses the least-risk to people, property, and the environment while still being effective in managing pests.

GreenPro Principles

  • Focusing on integrated pest management (IPM) strategies such as habitat modification, exclusion, removal of food and water sources, sanitation and making repairs
  • Providing and documenting thorough pest inspection and monitoring services, as well as follow-up to ensure efficacy
  • Regularly communicating with clients about pest infestations, conducive conditions and ways to prevent pests
  • Requiring GreenPro training for all company employees who sell or perform GreenPro service

QualityPro and GreenPro Logos

QualityPro Accredited

QualityPro is the highest accreditation in the pest management industry. As a QualityPro company, Thrasher Termite & Pest Control is committed to providing customers with the highest quality pest control services. QualityPro companies voluntarily ascribe to a set of qualifications that to above and beyond any state or federal requirements, including:

• Practicing environmentally responsible pest control
• Employing only highly trained, credentialed employees
• Providing detailed information to you about our services
• Offering a clear, easy-to-understand warranty and termite service agreement
• Maintaining an up-to-date insurance policy
• Advertising truthfully and ethically
• Checking employee references, driving history and criminal background
• Maintaining a drug-free workplace