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Pest Control in Chula Vista, CA - Thrasher Pest Control

Thrasher Pest Control provides the best pest control service in Chula Vista, CA.  With all the new home construction and landscaping in Chula Vista, ants are a particular issue. Whenever soil is disrupted, so are ant colonies. In older, established Chula Vista neighborhoods, rodents generate the most pest control calls, followed by cockroaches. The mild Chula Vista climate allows insect pests to remain active year-round.

Pest Control in Chula Vista, CA - Thrasher Pest Control

Residential Pest Control in Chula Vista, CA

Thrasher Pest and Termite Control offers residential pest control services to homeowners in Chula Vista and the surrounding areas. At Thrasher, our residential pest control services are designed to eliminate and prevent a wide variety of pests.   

Multi Unit Pest Control - Apartment Pest Control in Chula Vista

Multi-Unit Pest Control in Chula Vista, CA - Apartment & Duplex Pest Control Service

Multi-Unit Pest Control services in Chula Vista are designed to eliminate and prevent pests in buildings that may house more than one family like apartment complexes.  Our plans are designed with your home in mind whether it be an apartment, condo, or any other living situation in mind.  

Bug Control in Chula Vista

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Termite Control in Chula Vista - Termite Treatments, Fumigation, Escrow & More

 Termites can cause significant damage to property if left unchecked, undiagnosed, and untreated!  Our team specializes in Formosan Subterranean termites, Western subterranean termites, and Drywood termites.    At Thrasher Pest Control, we offer termite control services in Chula Vista to eliminate and prevent termite infestations in homes and businesses. Our termite control services include termite inspections, termite WDO inspections for Escrow, termite fumigation, localized termite treatments, and termite wood damage repair.

If you think you're having issues with termites in Chula Vista, contact us today to schedule a termite inspection. When dealing with a termite issue, time is of the essence. 

Rodent Control | Chula Vista | Mice and Rat Exterminator

Mice, Rats, and other rodents can cause headaches for homeowners and business owners in Coronado.  Luckily, you're currently reading about Chula Vista's best rodent control service.  At Thrasher Pest Control, our team of mice and rat experts will investigate your rodent concerns and identify the best way to control the population, any major areas that may require seal out, and any ways to prevent future issues. 

If you're looking for rodent control, mice control and rat control in Chula Vista, CA, contact us for an estimate and rodent inspection.  Call today to speak with one of our team members to get on the schedule as soon as possible: 619-955-5121

Chula Vista Pest Control

Why Choose Thrasher Pest Control in Chula Vista, CA?

Me and the family are proactive with pests, i have thrasher spray every other month ... I've used other companies and Thrasher has been far better then any of them... My technician Christian Negroni is fabulous and always goes the extra mile to ensure we are satisfied. Always communicative, on time, and knowledgeable at what he does.
Mo B.
Pest Control Customer
I noticed some termite droppings in my house. I also needed a general pest exterminator. I looked around and was impressed by Thrasher's reviews. I called to schedule an inspection and got one pretty quickly. Ellie was very friendly. They were flexible with my schedule. Mike S. came out to check for termites. He found a bunch that I would have never seen, but was quick to show me the evidence and the damage. Within about a day I got a very professional inspection report and several options for treatment. To my relief, Mike agreed that tenting was not necessary, and even if it was, the price was less than I expected. I felt no upsell pressure at all.
David B.
Pest Control Customer
I chose Thrasher based on the reviews here and they were great. We got several estimates for fixing termite issues in one wall of our house. Mike from Thrasher was the only company rep who did not try to sell us on services we did not want or need. He was great about explaining what would be done and the price was fair. Rolando who did the outside work was also excellent. More recently, we also had an issue with mice in another building on our property, and called them again. The inspector Ed B. was great. He found where we had gaps in outside walls and took care of them. Highly recommend.
Louise J.
Pest Control Customer

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