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Bed Bug Control Starts with an Inspection

Thrasher Pest Control offers several treatment options for getting rid of bed bugs. The first step is NOT throwing out your furniture! We save your skin and your belongings.

Thrasher GuaranteeEach bed bug infestation is unique. Our recommendation for bed bug treatment takes into account the number of people affected, the location(s) of the bed bug infestation, the possible source of the bed bugs, the age, health, and mobility of the occupants, the intensity of the bed bug problem, and your ability to participate in bed bug control, and your budget.

Each bed bug treatment recommendation is fine tuned to your particular situation. The general bed bug treatment options are below.

Bed Bug Treatment Options

The two most common treatment options are integrated treatments or whole-structure fumigation. Both have advantages, but neither is appropriate in all situations. Rely on your bed bug inspector's expert recommendation.

  • Type of Treatment: Vikane® (gas) Chemical
  • Duration: 2 nights/ 3 days
  • Cost: Most Expensive–Best Investment
  • Bed Bug Control: Immediate (immediate control of bed bugs, also kills Drywood termites)
  • Your Preparation: Bagging of all consumable items and cosmetics
  • Your Responsibility: Follow instructions to control and prevent re-infestation
  • Cons: Only for entire structures, not individual units
  • Type of Treatment: Steam, Chemical, and Mechanical as necessary
  • Duration: Average of 2 on-site visits.  As many treatments as needed
  • Cost: Economical
  • Bed Bug Control: Reduction after initial service (1-12 days); Max control after 2nd/3rd service
  • Your Preparation: Few preparation requirements
  • Your Responsibility: Follow instructions to control and prevent re-infestation
  • Cons: Requires scheduling of minimum 2 visits and a high level of client/occupant cooperation

Fumigation is 100% Effective Against Bed Bugs

When bed bug infestations are extensive and immediate eradication is required, Vikane® gas fumigant is the best solution.

Vikane (sulfuryl fluoride) is widely used as a structural fumigant insecticide to control drywood termites, it is also used to control bed bugs, rodents, powderpost beetles, and bark beetles. Whole structure fumigation ensures the elimination of bed bugs. Vikane has been trusted for nearly half a century in the treatment of more than 2 million structures. It’s also the best option for total‑home drywood termite protection.

Vikane is 100% effective treatment for bed bugs. Because it leaves no residue, Vikane provides no protection from future infestations. Bed bugs are an introduced pest and can hitchhike their way back at any time. That’s why your participation is essential in keeping your home bed bug free.

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Integrated Bed Bug Control

Integrated Bed Bug Control is a seven-step process that combines steam extermination, chemical treatment, high-powered vacuuming, and preventive and capture methods. Some relief is immediate, with complete bed bug control in 12 to 24 days or more, depending upon the severity of the problem and your participation.

Integrated Bed Bug Control is the most cost-effective method of eliminating bed bugs. It is suitable for apartment units and other dwellings where heat treatment or full-structure fumigation is impossible.

With proper cooperation, bed bugs will be eliminated. However, bed bugs are an introduced pest and can hitchhike their way back at any time. That’s why your participation is essential in keeping your home bed bug free.