7 Reasons to Choose Thrasher for Mosquito Control

  1. Continuous mosquito control using the innovative
    In2Care® Mosquito Trap
  2. Effective AND Environmentally Friendly
  3. Hijacks mosquito behavior to spread larvicide
  4. Not toxic to people, pets, or pollinators
  5. Prevents Aedes mosquitos from spreading viruses
  6. GreenPro AND Public Health Certified service
  7. Service Schedule: Every Month
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Mosquito Control Explained


Since their introduction to California in 2011, the day-biting, disease-carrying Aedes mosquitoes have become a nuisance and public health concern. Mosquitoes breed year-round in San Diego. Even if you are inside during the rain or heat, mosquitoes are staying busy. Thrasher controls breeding mosquitoes using the In2Care Trap so mosquitoes are gone when you are ready to go outside.


The In2Care Mosquito Trap uses water with an odor lure to attract egg-laying Aedes mosquitoes. Once inside, mosquitoes contact the specially treated floater on the water surface and get contaminated with a larvicide and a fungus. We hijack mosquito behavior by letting them fly out of the Trap while carrying larvicide on their legs. They then transport the larvicide and contaminate small and hard to find breeding sites around the Trap.


The In2Care® Mosquito Trap uses a biological control agent to kill mosquitoes. It deploys fungus that kills the mosquito several days after contact and can prevent disease transmission. The Trap larvicide is WHO-recommended for mosquito control and use near drinking water. Both bioactives have short half-lives and pose very low risks for fish and mammals, and do not target beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies.

Our commitment is to reduce the number of biting mosquitoes in your yard. Because mosquitoes are only a stiff breeze away, we do not guarantee that you will never be bitten by a mosquito.

Learn More About the In2Care System

In2Care system diagram


Mosquito Breeding Grounds

To see how quickly mosquitoes multiply in common breeding grounds, watch this: 

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Thrasher’s skilled pest professionals will evaluate the conditions on your property and prescribe a mosquito control program that fits your requirements. Our pest control professionals in San Diego, Coronado, El Cajon, Imperial Beach, San Marcos, and throughout San Diego County will help you manage mosquitousing innovative the In2Care Mosquito Trap.