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Bee Removal Service in Action

Bees were buzzing in the electrical panel of an RV. Our pest inspection found old honeycomb and a small swarm of honey bees. It was obvious that sometime in the past the same electrical panel was home to a beehive that a different pest control company killed off or removed. Watch Bee Removal, Part 1: Inspection The other company made the error of leaving the honeycomb behind. When a new swarm was looking for a home, they were attracted to this ready-made shelter. 

We removed the old comb, all of it, and then gently vacuumed up the bees. They were relocated to a new hive on a farm. With the old comb removed, the attraction for new honeybee swarms is gone. This will prevent future infestations and future need for pest control.

It is really important to remove all the honey and honeycomb after a bee removal. Any material left behind may attract more bees or pests like ants, roaches, and rodents looking for a free meal. The weight of comb and honey may also damage a wood structure. We've seen ceiling collapse under the weight of a honey bee hive.

It is also important to never attempt bee removal or bee relocation on your own. Unless you are trained and experienced, attempting bee removal is dangerous to you and too the bees.

Bee Removal Service in Action, Part 1: Inspection

Bee Removal, Part 2: Clearing Out is below. Watch now.

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