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Protect Your Animal Friends with Pet-Friendly Pest Control in San Diego, CA

Hey there, fellow San Diego residents! We all know how fantastic it is to live in beautiful San Diego with our furry, feathered, or scaly best friends. Because our Thrasher Team loves our own pets dearly, we know the importance of protecting pets while treating for ants, fleas, and other pests that enter our homes.  Thrasher Pest Control proudly provides the best pet-friendly pest control in San Diego and the surrounding areas. 

Why Pet-Friendly Pest Control Matters to San Diego Residents

Our pets are like family, right? So, it's a no-brainer that we want them to be protected and happy. When it comes to dealing with pests, the old-school methods can be risky for our four-legged pals if proper protocol is not followed during application. That's why it's extremely important to choose a pest control company in San Diego that will put your dog, cat, tortoise, or cockatoo first during the treatment process. 

Pet Friendly Pest Treatments in San Diego

You've got to hand it to our pest control technicians at Thrasher Pest Control – our team truly gets how much our (and your!) pets mean to us because we are pet lovers too! So, we are diligent when providing pest control services to your home, ensuring that your pet companions are protected during the treatment process.  

Thrasher Pest Control knows that every home is unique, just like every pet. We provide a personalized plan to tackle your specific pest situation while protecting you family pets.

Tips to Keep the Pests Away – Fur Real!

Thrasher Pest Control provides pest control services to treat most pest issues, but there are simple things you can do too. Here's how you can be a pet-friendly pest-prevention pro:

Clean It Up: Don't leave food crumbs lying around. Regular cleaning, like vacuuming and wiping surfaces, helps keep pests from getting too cozy. Ants hate this trick! (Read our post on how a new puppy created an ant issue with his brain-game toys.)

Lock Up the Chow: Store pet food in airtight containers. Ants, rodents, and cockroaches can't resist a yummy scent, so sealing the food helps keep them away. Mice will be left looking for a meal elsewhere too.

Seal the Gaps: Pests crawl in through tiny gaps. Be a detective and spot those cracks near doors, windows, and other openings. Seal them up to keep the pests out. If you need a hand, let your Thrasher Pest Control technician know during your next service. New door sweeps and weatherproofing also keeps out heat or cold out in addition to pests.

Yard Duty: Keep your yard tidy by trimming trees and bushes. Pests love hiding in overgrown spots, so show them the exit! Speaking of doody, clean up pet messes daily to prevent fly issues.

Pet Spa Day: Regularly groom and bathe your furry buddy. It's not just about looking cute – it helps keep those fleas and ticks under control. Better yet, use a veteranerian-approved flea and tick preventative.

With a few simple measures, you can reduce the opportunities for pests to invade between treatments.

Thrasher's Pet-Friendly Team

The entire Thrasher Pest Team appreciates the importance of companion animals in our daily lives. We are careful when performing treatments wherever pets eat and hang out. We move toys and food bowls out of areas we treat.

We also ask that you secure your pets when our pet-friendly technicians arrive. Not all pets appreciate a snappy uniform! Regular service takes care of the insects, rodents, and spiders bothering you and your pet. 

Are you ready to meet our pet-friendly pest control team’s companions?

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