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Thrasher Pest Control Provides Pet-Friendly Pest Control Services

Dog with flyswatter

When pets are part of your family, pet-friendly pest control is important. The entire Thrasher team appreciates the importance of pets in our daily lives. We are careful when performing treatments where pets eat and hang out. We move toys and food bowls out of the way, and we advise you if your pet needs to be out of the yard for any period of time.

We also ask that you secure your pets when our pet-friendly technicians arrive. Not all pets appreciate a snappy uniform! Regular service takes care of the insects, rodents, and spiders bothering you and the pests, such as mosquitoes and fleas, that may be harmful and transmit disease to your pets.

Are you ready to meet our pet-friendly pest control team’s furry family?

Dog in Thrasher Bandana


Puppy in Thrasher Hat


Dog with flyswatter #1


cat on box for pet-friendly pest control


Dog in Blue Thrasher Bandana


Dog in Blue Thrasher Bandana


Dog in Thrasher Silver Cap


Little Dog with Thrasher Cap


husky in Thrasher bandana



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