Drywood termites eat 24-hours a day. They cause an estimated $500 million in damage a year–most of it hidden!

Bed Bugs

Fumigation is the most thorough bed bug treatment. It kills bed bugs at all life stages. Recommended for established infestations.

Other Pests

Your Thrasher pest professional will let you know if fumigation is warranted to control other wood-destroying pests.

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Structural fumigation with Vikane® gas fumigant reaches all the concealed area in your house from floor to rafters, and all the places between including the inside of walls. There is no place for pests to hide. Structural fumigation is the best choice for eliminating drywood termites, and may be recommended for severe bed bug infestations, as well as infestations of wood-boring beetles.

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We've had a major ant problem since we've moved into our house and Mark from Thrasher has been attentive and followed through and finally the ants are gone. I recommend Mark and Thrasher!
Amanda Hulin
Amanda H.
We have used Thrasher Pest Control for over 5 years. They are amazing. We had small issue today, I sent Mark a text and he came out right away. I can't say enough good things about Thrasher. Always there for you when you need them.
Michael Villarroel
Michael V.
This is a great company! They are very easy to work with. Mark is wonderful to work with and is very personable. He has stopped to follow-up and check on us before after spraying a few weeks prior. He is dedicated to his job and customers!
Sarah Philbin
Sarah P.
Mark is awesome! Friendly, quick, and terrific service. Highly recommend!
Julia Turpit
Julia T.
I interviewed 5 different termite companies from Orange oil to tenting. I ended up picking Thrasher and so glad I Did! Very professional, they pay attention to detail and work with integrity. I also used them to repair the wood work on my home that the termites damaged and did an awesome job. I would highly recommend this company!!!!
Cindy Sala
Cindy S.
We thought we had mice damage. Thrasher sent over 2 men who examined the areas we were concerned with in the house.They assured us that we didn't have mice, although we might have had one in the past. They suggested that we reduce possible rodent access to the house by keeping the doors shut, the vegetation away from the house, etc. They were so knowledgeable and helpful. We were able to get over the "ick factor". And they were considerably less expensive than the nationally advertised pest control firm. We highly recommend them!
Katie Dunn
Katie D.
Sam with Thrasher Pest Control is the best in the game. Helped in a flea infestation problem with a new property I manage and provides great monthly service. Would recommend 10/10 times.
James Southwick
James S.
Okay folks, here's my story. I'm real and this isn't endorsed or paid/fake blah blah.I bought a fridge on offer up and instead of getting a mini fridge,...
C C.
C C.
I would like to commend Karl for an exemplary job done this afternoon for a bug/pest inspection I recently arranged. I made the appointment last week and...
Paula P.
Paula P.
We highly recommend working with this company! Their professionalisms and company as a whole is outstanding. Our backyard is very tropical and loves to attract spiders. I contacted Thrasher Termite & Pest Control to find out more information about options for GREEN options due to our family garden, pets and the many kids we have playing outside. They recommended a wonderful treatment plan and we have them coming once a month. The smell of the product is minimal and resembles scent of root beer. Yay! Thank you so much for making our decision easy to make pest control a priority for our home.
Brittani Thiel
Brittani T.
We highly recommend working with this company! Their professionalisms and company as a whole is outstanding. Our backyard is very tropical and loves to attract spiders. I contacted Thrasher Termite & Pest Control to find out more information about options for GREEN options due to our family garden, pets and the many kids we have playing outside. They recommended a wonderful treatment plan and we have them coming once a month. The smell of the product is minimal and resembles scent of root beer. Yay! Thank you so much for making our decision easy to make pest control a priority for our home.
Brittani Thiel
Brittani T.
Living in Mission Valley, ants can be an issue. I've been using Thrasher for the last couple of years and am very pleased with the work they've done. Sam...
Rob S.
Rob S.
Work is good as long as you know what to look for before, and after job is done. Jose was the carpenter doing the work on my home. He is very knowledgeable about his line of work. This job called for 3 days, and they finished ahead of schedule, even though they work a half a day on the second day. Alex was the supervisor, and he came back to make sure I was satisfied with the work done.The price is kinda expensive, and there's no military or any discount:(
Tuan Tran
Tuan T.
Having any sort of "bug" problem has me losing sleep at night. As soon as I see one bug, I am on the phone with Thrasher's asking them to send Mark out. He is professional, knowledgable, quick, and kind. He is just leaving after inspecting my kitchen and I am left feeling 1000x better. Mark! You're my hero!
staci benak
staci B.
I love Thrasher Pest Control. They always show up on their scheduled date. I used them for a termite inspection before I moved into my house and they were one of the first companies I've had that were honest! Everyone is really polite and thorough. I haven't had any spiders or ants since I started using them and no rats to be found!
Kim Pierce
Kim P.
Our technician, Mark Vollenweider, was here today to spray both the exterior and interior of our house. He not only arrived on time but took the extra time to show us where critters were getting into our place and explain to us where to caulk. We were super pleased with his professionalism, his good nature, as well as his helpfulness. Because of Mark, we are about to seal off some possible entry points and make our house both safer and healthier. We highly recommend Thrasher.
Dr. Christopher Vogelmann
Dr. Christopher V.
Mark is an absolute delight. Prompt and friendly service, and I haven't seen a bug since.
Kendra Moody
Kendra M.
I guess it's time for a review update when more than 8 years have passed and we are still free from those homing pigeons coming to roost in our courtyard....
Nicole F.
Nicole F.
Just had Thrasher come by the house to treat for termites in the garage. Awesome service as always! Keith the tech does such a great job! If you are...
Joan K.
Joan K.
My property was inspected back in 12/12/2017 and clearance was provided 1/13/2018 after $3,775 worth of repair plus fumigation was done to it. Just 13...
Tommy T.
Tommy T.
We had our home treated for subterranean termites recently and were extremely pleased with the thorough job done by Thrasher. Claudia in the administrative offices, the two gentlemen who came out to do the work (sorry, don't know their names), and Alex, the supervisor who came out to check their work during the day, were all extremely professional and treated us and our home with generous respect. They even called ahead to let us know they were on the way for an appointment we had made one month in advance. I recommend Thrasher without reservation.
Peggy Rose
Peggy R.
I did not pay for a service with Thrasher Termite and Pest Control of SoCal, but I did get a free inspection which I wanted to write a review for.I had...
Anna L.
Anna L.
If I could leave 7 stars for Thrasher Pest control and specifically Anthony Medina, I would. We've been on their bimonthly program for almost a year now and our pest issue is non existent. Anthony always follows up with questions on how things are going and is very thorough with his treatments. He also thoroughly answers any questions I have about other pests, treatment protocols, etc. There's never any sales pressure to do anything, just solid information which allows me to make the best decision for my home and family. Thank you Thrasher and Anthony!
Michael Shelly
Michael S.
reasonable prices
Bassam Youhenna
Bassam Y.
They are very thorough. I recommend them to all my buyer clients when they are in escrow.
Maureen McGrath
Maureen M.
Sam Bahena is a great technician. He has been my technician for quite some time. He always calls ahead to let me know he is coming. And he lets me know when he starts and finishes the job. He has given me excellent service over the years. Much thanks, Sam!!!
Murvyn Callo
Murvyn C.
Sue Lakosil
Sue L.
Mark does a great job!! Thrasher is always attentive and works with us is our needs
Joseph Cannon
Joseph C.
I was always sceptical about pest control companies. But after hearing about Thrasher from a few neighbors and decided to call them and give them a try. My service technician Ramon is amazing he explained everything to me and adviced me on a few things to do and explained what he will be doing and will be doing on a month to month basis. I’m really happy with Trasher very down to earth people and their killing all my problem away!!
Mario Gutierrez
Mario G.
Mark has been servicing our property for quite some time and we have seen great work performed. He has provided great knowledge and expertise on how and why we had the insect problems that we did. Our spiders, moths, ants and rodent issues are no more. Thank you Mark and Thrasher!
Jonas Weeks
Jonas W.
I work with Mark Vollenweider to monitor our pest problems at a non-profit museum in Coronado. He’s wonderful to work with!! He’s very responsive and when I detailed specific concerns about pests destroying artifacts, he was quick to do research and familiarize himself with our unique situation. We greatly appreciate all Mark does for us and are happy with the service that Thrasher provides.
Vickie Stone
Vickie S.
I 💯 recommend Thrasher Pest service. Mark goes above and beyond to respond to our calls and schedule service when we need it. He and his team are professional and thorough. We will continue using Thrasher for all of our pest control needs at all of our properties. Thank you Mark!
priya patel
priya P.
Mark was friendly/outgoing and did a great job. Would definitely recommend to others.
Jesse Anguiano
Jesse A.
Mark came out and gave me some great advice on how to handle the strangler ants. This is my second time with this company and Mark has been very helpful each time. The first time I had a terrible infestation and they were gone within. 24 hours. Highly recommend this company and Mark. Luckily this time I just had a few and as a precaution called them and was advised after inspection to continue to use Windex religiously.
Danielle Garcia
Danielle G.
Sam was very personable, responsive and effi cient.
Wayne Sanger
Wayne S.
Karl's customer service was impeccable. He is very thorough and efficient.
Glenn McKinney
Glenn M.
Great service. I always ask questions and Sam was able to explain everything.
gil rubi
gil R.
Kelly Moll
Kelly M.
Melissa Callejas
Melissa C.
Doug Thomsen
Doug T.
Alma Rivera
Alma R.
As usual Karl was quick and professional. Since changing to Thraser we have been more than satisfied.
Kevin Brodie
Kevin B.
I can’t say enough great things about Mark! His attention to details, thoroughness and friendly demeanor make seeing him every quarter easy and fun!
Sherry Ritchey
Sherry R.
Mark is dependable and knowledgeable about the kind of pest control Coronado needs.
Sarah Hatcher
Sarah H.
Thrasher has been our trusted service provider for 3 years. They’re reliable, friendly, and help us keep our home pest-free.
Andrea Kraay
Andrea K.
Ramon is my technician who is very knowledgeable about all bugs, he help me to check very where even the bugs are not there including the attic. He gave me best solution for the treatment. Even he considered for me financially which is best for money, Awesome guy!
hao chai
hao C.
Nicolle Diaz
Nicolle D.
Meredith King
Meredith K.
Charlie King
Charlie K.
Victor Alvarez
Victor A.
Great experience with Thrasher pest control. Came right on time. Answered all my questions they were very professional.
Glenn Cross
Glenn C.
My experience with Thrasher has been amazing ! Mark , the technician that has been coming out for to do treatment always makes sure that I’m seen not only within my window period of my schedule time , but gives me the courtesy of coming in the beginning of the time frame . My lunch hour at work is limited to only 1 hour and I’m able to extend it if need be to about 30 min extra. However, before mark became my regular technician I was always late coming back from my lunch because I would be waiting on thrasher to come . I was about to cancel my account with thrasher until mark called me and told me that from now on either he or his colleagues will be prompt to ensure that I’m able to make it back to work on time . Mark is very professional and goes above and beyond to really educate me on my bug problem . Thank you and I hope that thrasher continues to hire more people like Mark
Hemda De La Rosa
Hemda De La R.
We have been using Thrasher Pest Control for the past 6 months for bi-monthly pest service and have had wonderful service. Mark is our service provider and he has been nothing, but wonderful and accommodating. He always checks in to see how our house is doing and if there is an issue with spiders, ants, etc. he makes a special trip out to re-spray. Our kids are highly allergic to spider bites, so we feel much better about them playing outside when we know the house and yard are protected from them. Thank you, Mark!
Melissa Grammier
Melissa G.
Carrie Mickel
Carrie M.
Great service. They are prompt, professional and thorough. They spray for me quarterly and I've had effective results. I'm happy. Highly recommended.
Geoff Howland
Geoff H.
The customer service by Ramon at Thrasher was outstanding! He went above and beyond to help us out. I would recommend him and Thrasher to anyone who needs pest control.
Pamela Specht
Pamela S.
David is great. Affable and professional, offering exceptional advice and service. I felt that he was incredibly knowledgeable regarding his craft. I wish all service people had his version of integrity. I would definitely use thrasher again! Thanks David!
Mark Winchell
Mark W.
Great service love Mark and all his great work. always willing to help
Paula Firenze
Paula F.
Carl was extremely thorough and knowledgeable and left me feeling comfortable that this problem is going to be solved. Excellent service!
Peter Buckley
Peter B.
First had a very wrong impression about Thrasher, but manager Karl did an awesome job. We got the chemical treatment done, and there is not a single bug since then😊. Thank you Thrasher.
Shravani Chintakindi
Shravani C.
professional, very responsive, efficient; Karl provided comprehensive service, instruction; scheduling was efficient and easy, I am as satisfied with Thrasher's services as one may be dealing with bedbugs
Ara Dikranian
Ara D.
Karl was great. Explained the entire process and was very thorough. Arrived on time and the experience was very easy. Would highly recommend Karl!
Chris Fenton
Chris F.
Karl was a big help and is a very nice guy
Bobby Wickey Jr
Bobby Wickey J.
I was pleasantly surprised to have Karl help us again. He helped us in the past and was just excellent. He was so friendly and thorough and full of knowledge. I would definitely recommend him for any pest Control needs
Always affective. I've used Thrasher for all of my pest control needs and am consistently satisfied. Very professional technicians. Karl sprayed today for ants and left gel to eradicate the colony. I'm confident I wont see ants for awhile. He was very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.
Justin Wilson
Justin W.
Susan Betts
Susan B.
Sam is always spot on taking care of the many black and brown widows that like to call my place their own. He goes the extra mile to make sure I'm not going to need to call him between visits!
Jillian Forbath
Jillian F.
Karl came to do a assessment on my condo today and I couldn’t of asked for more professional, knowledgeable, responsive individual. Highly recommend using this company’s services.
Danny C
Danny C
Karl was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in his assessment of our potential issue. Resolved, thank you.
Brandon Summerville
Brandon S.
We’ve used Thrasher for multiple different pest services, they’ve always been great! Sean came out to spray for ants and was so nice and accommodating. Highly recommend!
Kelly Macdonald
Kelly M.
Mike Vollenweider was a class act. He was great at his job and he even went above and beyond by providing us with a follow up. Great to talk with and he is very professional. Haven't seen a bug since, will recommend to anyone who is in need of his services.
Davis Callejon
Davis C.
Karl was on time and did a great job. Kept us informed about what he would be treating and ensured our dog was safe. We haven’t had any pest problems since we started using Thrasher!!
Mandie Waterman
Mandie W.
Great fast service guaranteed, buggs come back, so do they
Wavelength Emts
Wavelength E.
Professional and thorough!!! I recommend Karl and Thrasser to everyone.
Jeremy Brewer
Jeremy B.
This summer brought on many bug problems, but this company handled it beyond expectation. Special thanks to their Technician - Karl, he was great!
Andrea Harrold
Andrea H.
Great service from Thrasher. Our in-person interactions were with Karl, who did a great job educating us, answering our questions, and informing us of what to expect with the work to be done. It was a very pleasant experience working with Karl.
Kelly Pham
Kelly P.
Would highly recommend this company! Karl was punctual, called when he was on his way, polite, very knowledgeable and informative.
Jocelyn De guzman
Jocelyn De G.
THRASHER TERMITE & PEST CONTRACTOR REVIEW. Outstanding service.. Thorough, professional and reasonable. We had a termite inspection which is required when you are selling a home. Heather, the inspector was very personable and knowledgeable. This is an honest company and I highly recommend their services. I only provide a great review when a company really deserves it. This company deserves it!!!!!!!
Patti Howell
Patti H.
Thank you, Karl, for getting rid of the bed bugs! Karl was professional, helpful, knowledgeable and punctual. Ramon was the same way. Thank you for a job well done!
Audrey Dierdorff
Audrey D.
I had another company come out prior to Thasher, and let's just say i was born at night, but not last night. The bid from them was completely unreasonable. When Tharsher came out the bid they offered was much more realistic. They ended up doing fumigation and repair. Everything was done professionally and in a timely manner. One little thing they do that other contractors often don't, is that they cleaned up after themselves. They even brought a magnet to get up the lose nails they dropped around the house. This is super importantant since i have 2 small children and 2 dogs running around. Thanks Thrasher!
Anthony Kosmos
Anthony K.
Ryan Ogle
Ryan O.
Karl from Thrasher was great putting us at ease through this nightmare ordeal! We brought bed bugs back from Italy but they were gone swiftly after the treatments suggested by Karl from Thrasher. Definitely recommend if you are unfortunate enough to get bed bugs!
Becky O'Grady
Becky O.
Karl gives quick service and always asks if there is anything that I need.
John Bushless
John B.
Professional, thorough and so far very effective. I am happy with the experience. Karl the technician was very helpful.
Rob Corona
Rob C.
Great customer service ,flexible, competitive pricing on service, effective results, and Karl is wonderful! Overall pleased with service so far. And no pest issues!
Carolina Espinosa
Carolina E.
Been using Thrashed pest control for several years now and am still very happy with their service. Karl just came this morning to spray for spiders amd ants that typically start showing up in the spring. They always come out within a day or two when I report seeing any other pests. As always, right on time and very professional. Will be using Thrasher until I move from this house, if that ever happens.
Paul Spears
Paul S.
I don't mind spiders and snakes, but it ain't what it takes to call Thrasher! I am beyond tired of dealing with wasps.They are constantly making homes in my eaves. But yesterday, I had enough. I walked onto my deck and they were swarming, and going in and out of a vent to my house. After nearly poisoning myself with spray, I called Thrasher, and Mark V. came out today. What I learned: They were swarming to find a place to make a home, but I guess I interrupted them. Although they were flying in and out of a screened vent, which actually Mark fixed because it wasn't sealed well, Mark said that wasps don't make homes/nests in enclosed areas like bees, they want to be outside. That information alone made me feel better knowing I don't have wasps flying around in the ducts of my home. There is not a lot of prevention we can do. Evidently, we are enabling the wasps as we have a pool, so with water and dirt (=mud) those are the building resources. Mark provided me a lot of reassurance, an education and the means to take on the next round. Mark is a true professional, knowledgeable and a real gentleman. I won't use anyone else in the future.
Robin Bechtel
Robin B.
Mark from Thrasher puts an end to pests. Mark has probably forgotten more about pest control than I'll ever know. LOL! All kidding aside, Thrasher pest control gets the jog done. Have pests? give Mark a call.
Olga Ferguson
Olga F.
Grant S Armstrong
Grant S A.
Karl always shows up on the days he is scheduled and does a very thorough job. He is also a really nice guy!! We are very happy with his service!
Lisa Schafer
Lisa S.
Carl is an excellent, knowledgeable service provider from Thrasher. Excellent help and a real expert. Highly recommended, made the whole experience great.
Lyle Muller
Lyle M.
Technicians were quick. professional and courteous. Had everything set up in no time. They arrived back early on the morning after the second night and had the tarps down, unit aired out and completed the walk through with the city inspector in a very quick and professional manner as well. Cleaned up more than what little they disturbed in order to do their work to properly to secure and seal the tent. Will definitely do business with them again and highly recommend them to everyone I know!
Scott Webster
Scott W.
Great work and Carl is top notch. He is very throughout and explains everything to you before he does it. Definitely love this company and my experience with them.
Danielle Griggs
Danielle G.
Amy Chang
Amy C.
Ray Lebron
Ray L.
Stephanie Sun
Stephanie S.
Carl is the best! Very nice and always takes care of our pest control needs!
Mom Patricia Maruca
Mom Patricia M.
Sam is a great representative for Thrasher. Does a great job in protecting our house from pests. Provides a detailed explanation of what he saw during his inspection and what actions he took.
Jim Lewis
Jim L.
Thrasher has been servicing our home for two years now. Karl does an amazing job every time. He takes time to listen to our concerns and asks the right questions to ensure we are happy. We really enjoy it when he visits and services our home. Thrasher is lucky to have such a professional who takes pride in his work and it shows.Thank you Karl for all you do.
Eric Woods
Eric W.
Thrasher has provide top quality pest control service for my property for a couple of years now. I’m always pleased to see Karl the technician who services our home. He does a great job and always askes us about our pest concerns. He is polite, professional and does an amazing job every time.
Eric Woods
Eric W.
Lisa Bang
Lisa B.
Great company! I use both of their services, termite inspection and pest control. Ranon and all other workers are all very professional and thoughtful. Their products are also effective, never see black widows and their webs again. Highly recommend!
Adrian Gutierrez
Adrian G.
Karl came out to inspect my home for a suspected infestation today. He was great, friendly and knowledgeable. He did a thorough inspection and with lots of smiles, informed me that there are no bugs in my home!! He made my day! Thank you Thrasher and Karl!
Anne Scheidler
Anne S.
Thorough work at a great price.
Jessica Hott
Jessica H.
Lindsey Wells
Lindsey W.
Great team! They’re repair guys are awesome!
Allyssa Jaimes
Allyssa J.
Carolyn Sui
Carolyn S.
Great experience! They are professional and quick and do a great job.
Julie Morey
Julie M.
Karl comes out on a set date every other month to spray for pests and reload bait boxes. He does a very thorough job. I have absolutely no complaints! Karl is also a really nice guy! We have been using Thrasher’s services for around two years now.
Lisa Schafer
Lisa S.
Michaela Cavanaugh
Michaela C.
Very thorough and nice
Nick Nassir
Nick N.
Wonderful experience! These guys are the pros!
John S. Phillips
John S. P.
I was very surprised to learn that inspections and the use of simple preventives, such as gel baits for ants and roaches, are free because we have subscribed to tri-monthly service. I feel that is a rare free offering. Karl is always prompt, informative, and friendly. Prior to every appointment we always get an actual phone call reminding us. Very helpful.
Nichole Rocero
Nichole R.
Karl was professional and thorough in his inspection. He had great customer service and was very responsive.
Christine Takara
Christine T.
Mark is the best! We had a cockroach infestation that he quickly took care of. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful, and we are glad to say that our unwanted roommates are now gone! Highly recommend.
Kristy Ryan
Kristy R.
we have had great service from all of the Thrasher employees that have been to our house to correct all the problems we have had this past months with rats, aunts, spiders and every other non-invited living beans that decided to move into our house and started destroying it.Their management has olso been great namely Seaun and the phone service ladies also.All in all we are very pleased with their service.
Carla Knepper
Carla K.
Professional. Courteous. Top-notch service. And a good dude to boot. Highly recommend.
Scott Blumenthal
Scott B.
Carl has been my tech for the past few years but met him for the first time today. He has been great about calling a head of time as there is a day sleeper in our house and always makes an effort to lock my gate shut. Super friendly on the phone and in person!Office staff at Thasher is just as friendly.
Rosanna Parker
Rosanna P.
Mark was wonderful great customer service will recommend to everyone!
Amber Brown
Amber B.
So friendly and kind! Thanks for all your help Mark!
Katelyn Collins
Katelyn C.
Living two blocks from a canyon has its challenges with the wildlife and we found ourselves with a flea problem even though we do not have pets and live on the 2nd floor. Mark was amazing and his service included two treatments over a two week period. He also recommended a wildlife relocation service that made sure the skunk family living under our house was able to get out but not return. We are now flea and skunk free and couldn’t be happier with the service we received at Thrasher, definitely recommend!
Kimberly Parker
Kimberly P.
We have been working with Mark from Thrashers Pest for the past two years. We have been very happy with his service, honesty, and professional. Thrashers will call and remind us about our quaterly scheduled services for our commercial building. I would definitely recommend Thrashers' for honest competitive prices.
Deanna Sanchez-Aardema
Deanna S.
Thrasher was great! I called paranoid that I had bed bugs because of a couple mysterious bites. They were easy to work with and scheduled and appointment, and even called when an earlier appointment opened up. Kyle was the one who inspected my place. He was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. He taught me about bed bugs and the signs to look for as he was doing his inspection. Turns out I don't have bed bugs, and he gave some possible explanations on how bugs got into my place. Overall, great experience. If I ever have a bug problem, I'm will definitely call thrasher again!
Stefanie Lujan
Stefanie L.
Mark is fabulous! He took extra special care of our rat issue. He was kind, concerned and efficient!
Mindy Rawlinson
Mindy R.
Karl was very kind, professional, and knowledgeable and explained exactly the treatment needed and the process. He took his time and found the ant nest outside my house showed it to me and treated it and my house very efficiently.
Katie Barnett
Katie B.
Mark was great in helping us deal with the bugs in our house. We couldn’t have asked for someone more professional and helpful! Thanks so much Mark!
The Selby Team
The Selby T.
Mark is my go too guy. I am a property manager and I’m having him start handling all my properties. He’s professional, prompt,communicative, responsive and friendly (and did I mention handsome?)He is thorough and cares about his clients and helping them. I can’t say enough good things about Mark! Thrasher is lucky to have him on their team and now he’s on my team.
Suzanne Fahy
Suzanne F.
Good team! I have received service to take care of my home and again to get repairs for real estate. Fair, honest, professionals you can depend on.They took great care to retain plants during fumigation.
Dale Nelson
Dale N.
Thrasher was professional, friendly and effective in dealing with our ant and spider issues.
Jessie Drayton Unterberg
Jessie Drayton U.
Outstanding customer CARE. Office, inspectors and technicians were all professional, helpful and courteous. I will definitely use their service again. Thanks
Laura Vaillancourt
Laura V.
Mark came out in less than an hour from my call and treated our house fully! Awesome!
Mary Yonkman
Mary Y.
Eddie Fallas
Eddie F.
Sam took extra time and addressed all our pest concerns.
William Dodds
William D.
Technician Sam went above and beyond my expectations. He took extra time to explain his services and described preventative measures too.
Natasha Weinstock
Natasha W.
Mark Vollenweider was absolutely amazing and attentive. With the sudden rise in temperature we became inundated with ants overnight. Mark helped me to remain calm while he took care of the problem with ease and precision. He truly went above and beyond. We will use Mark whenever there is an issue. Kudos Thrasher for such a gem!
Meagan Garland
Meagan G.
Ramon came and inspected our bedroom for possible bed bugs. He was very knowledgeable and friendly. After conducting his meticulous inspection, bed bugs were ruled out. Grateful for his experience and thoroughness.
Oly Singh
Oly S.
Mark with Thrasher is amazing!!! He is caring and compassionate and a true blessing to his customers. He knew my daughter was having a bug birthday party and brought her bugs to share with her friends. I can't say enough good things about Mark!
Lindsay Merino
Lindsay M.
Sam is very caring and professional. I definitely recommend him!
Eun Sun Kim
Eun Sun K.
Thrasher is great. I would recommend them for any pest problem. Mark has taken care of all of our pest problems in a timely and efficient manner (ants to gophers) and always has a smile on his face!
Gail Nicholson Dodds
Gail Nicholson D.
We hired thrasher to come over after we heard a party of critters in our walls. Keith and Sam have both been very friendly, professional, and through. I definitely recommend them!
Alisa k
Alisa k
Mark came by to take care of our cricket problem and take care of it he did! He did a thorough job and was quick, courteous and took the time to explain how the treatment works. Great job! Will always recommend Thrasher and Mark to anyone with pest control problems. Thanks again Mark!
Tom Lanen
Tom L.
From the start, when I called to make my appointment I was impressed with the Customer Service Rep who took my call. He was great, I completely forgot his name. Mark, the technician, was friendly, professional and informative. The price he quoted me was fair- he stated it would probably take two treatments to get rid of all the freaking fleas! I appreciate the honesty from him. It was great working with Mark!
Emily Famero
Emily F.
Mark provided exceptional customer Service. Arrived on time, friendly and took time to answer any questions. Well done Mark and Thrasher team!
David Hochart
David H.
Showed up on time and thoroughly answered all my questions.
Jeremy Bailey
Jeremy B.
Five Space
Five S.
Mark was very prompt with the appointment time and extremely courteous during his visit. He address our issue and hopefully we're on the way to solving our peat problem. Thank you.
Trent Sassman
Trent S.
Mark was wonderful. He walked around the entire house and provided helpful feedback on controlling the situation in addition to the baits and treatment he put out. He also guarantees to follow-up to make sure that all is going according to plan. They also sent him out on the same day that we called. Timely and efficient. Highly Recommend
Paul Flood
Paul F.
Mark is excellent! We received efficient service and call backs to see if we needed anything else. I am sticking with this company for all my need.
alex florez
alex F.
Mark was excellent, thorough and knowledgeable!
Eleanore Gutwein
Eleanore G.
Mark always goes above and beyond! He is a delight to work with and always has a smile on his face!
Claire Murphy
Claire M.
Mark and Sam were efficient and very knowledgeable. Got the job done in a timely manner.
elisa scanlan
elisa S.
Stephanie Martinez
Stephanie M.
Thrasher always does a great job, and they are easy to work with. Mark, the representative that has been coming to our house for years, always does an excellent job. He is polite and friendly and careful to keep our gates closed after applying a treatment. For the first time since we moved to this house this week we started hearing noises in the attic (mice or rats) and we called Thrasher and Mark was here in no time. I’m sure he will be able to handle the infestation in no time.
Ricardo Moreno
Ricardo M.
We’re extremely happy with the services from Thrasher. In addition to using them to fumigate our termites we had Mark back out to take care of a growing ant problem! We hate pests and that’s why we love Thrasher!
Jim Hogan
Jim H.
Mark is without a doubt one of the most pleasant and dedicated service professionals that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is always on time. He has a smile on his face and and always makes sure that we are satisfied with his work. I highly recommend him. I hope he never leaves for greener pastures.
Carol Wilson
Carol W.
Thrasher Pest Control is very professional and efficient. Both Ramon and Mark went above and beyond to make they took care of my needs. I would recommend them to everyone!
Kimberley Bandy
Kimberley B.
I had a great experience with David and Sam from Thrasher pest control! They came by a few days after setting traps to catch some of our biggest pests. They were thourough in their work, and made sure I was educated on where the traps were set to keep my pups safe too! I would not hesitate to call them again in the future!
Kassandra Chrisco
Kassandra C.
Sam was prompt and professional.
Melinda Mariano
Melinda M.
Mark was extremely professional at every step of his service apt. Explained his methods and answered all my concerns throughly.
Mark Bickel
Mark B.
Ramon is super responsive and sensitive to my requests as I have dogs here. He anticipated my needs upon arrival. He also came out twice within two weeks as I still saw ants. Excellent service.
Mimi Clark
Mimi C.
Mark is absolutely amazing at his job. Very helpful and glad to inform us on ant control. He also mentioned that they will provide other top of the line services (like full on termite treatments which we need), the best thing about this place and employees is that they do a courtesy check up and treatment within 30 days if need be ON THEM. They really know their stuff 🙂 Thanks Mark!
Maddison O'Dell
Maddison O.
Brian Tom
Brian T.
The technician, Mark, was very professional, efficient and friendly! He made sure we had his contact information in case we had any questions/concerns after he was gone or any issues between this pest control service and the next.
Amanda Robinson
Amanda R.
Sam just came to help me get rid of my snidely bugs. He was super friendly and informative. I run my own business and ALWAYS appreciate good customer service as it what we need more if in this planet. Thanks Sam, you're the BEST!!!
Gail Denham
Gail D.
We recently acquired an apartment building near downtown San Diego and after we took it over we realized that we had a major pest problem in some of the units. Thrasher was amazing. They did the most thorough inspection, room by room, unit by unit. They then created a treatment plan and worked with each tenant to make sure that they understood what needed to be accomplished before treatment. They returned as necessary when tenants were unprepared and were patient and thorough. They did a different treatment in each unit as necessary and didn't just choose one treatment for the whole building. The reps were on time, kind, helpful and patient, patient, patient. I signed up for their monthly service and I would recommend them to anyone who wants a thorough job done!
Kalpana Rhodes
Kalpana R.
Mark is awesome! Always a pleasure to see and he thoroughly clears off all the spider webs and gets rid of all the creepy pests. Thank You!
Glenda Q
Glenda Q
Mark was great. We have to leave to work early n Mark was here on time!!! Very nice & professional did his work quick. I would definitely recommend thrasher pest control.
Marisol Luna
Marisol L.
Mark is fantastic. Thorough. Informative and always polite. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Heidi Iversen
Heidi I.
Great guy!
Chris Riley
Chris R.
Always easy to make an appointment and they can usually come out the next day. They are respectful and explain everything that will be done and what to expect. Great customer service, been a customer for years.
Julie Bornhoeft
Julie B.
This company has excellent prompt service. Not only did they handle the situation professionally, but Mark was very knowledgeable and educated us on all the various pests we're encountering as new residents of southern California.
Mark always goes above n beyond with service
iris northern
iris N.
Mark is great! He is always professional and courteous. He always calls to let us know when he is coming which is important to us that we know. And we then are able to communicate the areas to not spray. Five stars!
Kimberly Baldridge
Kimberly B.
Brian Bigbee
Brian B.
Sam was very personable and informative. I appreciated his insights as to how pests get into the house. He even knocked down all the spider webs!
Michelle Lein
Michelle L.
Mark is great! He does a very thorough job and my dog loves him. Win-win. Thanks Mark!
Jillian F.
Jillian F.
So pleased with the service!!! I had from Mark very pleased with his service,nice and friendly. I had a very bad infestation.. and they came and handle it for me and very pleased thanks thrashers
Yenitzeth Haro
Yenitzeth H.
Thank you so much to David and Mark for making me feel at ease. I was stung by a scorpion in my bed and called an exterminator. They arrived this morning and made me feel so much better. They said they are going to make me and my kids feel safe again in our home. Kudos to them and their amazing service!!
Ashley Vitale
Ashley V.
Mark and David were out here taking care of our ant problem. Awesome customer service!
Andrea Carrizales
Andrea C.
Natalie Viani
Natalie V.
Salute to Mark and David well done very reliable will never let you down in terms of business!!!!!! Will highly recommend !
Sherrill Saligumba
Sherrill S.
Excelent exterminator!
Sylvia Micik
Sylvia M.
Very professional and detailed oriented.
Colleen Larsen
Colleen L.
Mark & David were out to evaluate my house today for some issues. They were extremely professional and respectful of my home ( to include wearing booties over their shoes inside of my house , as I'm very picky). I very much appreciated that they DIDN' T give me a high pressure sales pitch, and offered a few different options. I would recommend their services to all ! 😊
heather moore
heather M.
Sam was very helpful and professional. Glad I chose thrasher as my pest control company!
Emerson Lin
Emerson L.
Thrasher is the BEST! I've been working with this company for approximately seven years, and they always get the job done right for a very fair price. I give Thrasher my highest rating
Kevin Atto
Kevin A.
Mark is the best in the West! Very Professional and a great Guy! He truly cares about his job and his customers. I would highly recommend him!
Debra Smith
Debra S.
We have been using Thrasher since we moved into our Point Loma house about 7 years ago. Mark has been our exterminator for that whole time and he is just great. We are happy with the service and plan on continuing to use it!Whenever we are having an unforeseen issue with pests, thrasher is generally able to set us up with an appointment for as soon as possible. I really appreciate the service they provide.
Sarah Yesil
Sarah Y.
Mark with Thrasher is great! Highly recommend him!
Jessica Brechlin
Jessica B.
I had Thrasher come give a second opinion because I had a "big box" company do an inspection with an exorbitant quote. The technician from Thrasher was thorough, professional and provided explanation for his findings. The findings were not as extensive and the cost was reasonable. Thank you!
Sue Sandoval
Sue S.
I love Thrasher from the first time I had an ant problem to the up keep since then. Our technician Mark is always so nice and knows exactly the problem areas that need to be sprayed. He is just amazing. He always calls before he arrives and is always friendly and even loves our dogs and knows their names. Thrasher and Mark have just been amazing to work with.
Amanda P
Amanda P
Thank you Mark for the great service!
amanda stinnett
amanda S.
I am happy to refer Alex Jaimes for a five star rating for doing an outstanding job for the termite inspection towards my property.-Oscar & Carol
Oscar Agra Jr
Oscar Agra J.
Mark was our technician. He was super friendly, explained the 1 year commitment, and that the ant problem may get worse as "they get flushed out". He went around the property with me and explained problem areas to keep an eye out for and to call him/Thrasher if it became a big issue so they could respray.Very professional experience with lots of explanations to ensure I understood every step and what was being done.
Christopher Ordonez
Christopher O.
Mark came out to our house for what seemed like a never ending ant problem. He was great with our dog and was contientious that the spray was pet-friendly. Great customer service and genuine care that our pest problem gets solved. Will 100% have them coming back to the house for regular treatments! Thank you so much!!
Diane Butler
Diane B.
Mark was incredible! SO helpful and friendly!
Kaley Sheffield
Kaley S.
Mark has been servicing my store in La Jolla for two years now and our monthly visit from him is always something I look forward to! 7am doesn't always look good on everyone Mark always has a smile on his face. He is not only professional but he has become a friend of mine! Thank you Mark see you next month!
Brittney Abreu
Brittney A.
Very great experience, Mark was very helpful and kind while taking care of pest control issues
Colin Miller
Colin M.
Very nice staff, they called when they were on the way and showed up on time. Sam was very accommodating and was willing to go the extra mile and put out more traps when he came to check the originals. Great service, we will continue to use Thrasher!
Chloe Morehouse-Connolly
Chloe M.
Matthew Manuel
Matthew M.
Decided to do the ongoing service with Thrasher. Mark has been great to work with and really does a great job explaining their process. He definitely has a lot of pride in his work, which tells a lot about the company as well.
Derek Hodge
Derek H.
Mark is awesome! We had a huge ant problem and Mark came over immediately and went into action to make sure the ants were gone and we don't have any future pest problems. Highly recommend Mark and the rest of the Thrasher team!
Gail Nicholson
Gail N.
Sam and Mark are here killing fleas as we speak! I don't know what I would have done without these guys! Professional, knowledgeable and on top of their game.
Carmela Brucia
Carmela B.
Thrasher Termite and Pest Control came out to do a follow up visit during my 30 day warrenty today. The technicians Mark and Sam arrived on time and got right to work. They asked me about specific areas of concern within our facility and did extra treatments for our black ant problem. Both technicians were very friendly and professional. I will definitely call them back in the future if we have any trouble. Thank you for your excellent customer service.
Shea Coleman
Shea C.
These guys are topnotch! Everyone from the office staff, inspectors, to the service techs are all very friendly and highly professional. Mark has been servicing our house for a few years and has always been on time and very thorough. Today a new guy, Sam, serviced our house and brought with him the same friendliness and professionalism we have always received from Thrasher. Thanks!
Sean Eddy
Sean E.
Mark and Sam are the best!!!
Cameron Davies
Cameron D.
Mark is great. He truly cares about his customers and wants to make sure we are pest free! He takes time to call and find out what the needs are before the service. It's truly a custom service. Thank you Mark for winning the war with the ants! 😉
Julie Abraham
Julie A.
So far so good. Just signed on as a customer and the scheduling process was very professional. The technician sent out was friendly, very knowledgeable, and made me feel confident I went with the right company.
Allyson Burakoff
Allyson B.
Mark is very kind gentleman and proficient technician. It was a pleasure to contract Thrasher's services. Mark represents your company in the best way. Thanks
Patricia Amos
Patricia A.
Highly recommend Thrasher. No more roaches or ants at our home. Mark, thanks for the professional service. You are the man!
Darin Price
Darin P.
Markus wonderful. He's very calm and reassuring which is a nice thing when you feel like your skin is crawling and you get the chills just thinking about pests. Very professional and availability was great. Look forward to working with this company for my pest control needs.
Teresa Gieszl
Teresa G.
Mark's service was great. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Thrasher to anyone who needed pest control.
Chris Lopez
Chris L.
Sam Bahena
Sam B.
Thrasher termite and pest control had been a pleasure to work with. Mark is the MAN! He always goes above and beyond to take care of our home and answer any questions we may have. He is on time and efficient, and the whole company has been great to work with! We highly recommend them, and ask for Mark if you can!!
Amanda Keith
Amanda K.
We found thrasher rather quite randomly over in Yelp and we were skeptical about pest control companies because it's usually the technician that does the work that you would like to deal with or not. We have Ramon over at our place for now almost a year now , and he has been great . Keep to schedules , spends time explaining how things works ( we had rat problems before) and he is ever so polite and courteous . So far we had one month lapse of service due to computer system error , and we did see ants activity in our compound . That was easily rectified and Thrasher office people were really sweet in fixing the issue and we got our service schedule back on . In short ,pest control companies are a necessity for regular service but it all depends on the personnel that works for the company .Highly recommended for their efficiency and good personnels working for them .
Chun Geik Tan
Chun Geik T.
Mark came by a second time to de-web the exterior of our house after we noticed more spider webs. Excellent, customer-oriented service!
Kelly Chao
Kelly C.
We have been Thrasher customers for years and they have helped us with scorpions, spiders and ants. Recently, Ramon has been helping us through a rodent problem for the past month. We are finally rodent free thanks to Ramon and the Thrasher team. When calling for the initial rodent appointment and follow up appointments I feel that we got great service because we are recurring Thrasher customer. Even though Ramon's schedule was full, the office staff worked it out and fit us in. Ramon is a kind and considerate team member that made the process easy and comfortable.
Brianna Kelly
Brianna K.
Mark and Sam where very friendly and helpful on controlling the ants.
Wayne Mcmullen
Wayne M.
Very professional and clean. Arrived on time and efficiently completed the job. Excellent job!
Sarah Villarroel
Sarah V.
Our technician Ramon is so nice and geniunely cared about our pest control needs. He did a great job.
L Mok
L M.
I love him! Not only did he hug me when I was having a break down during the initial assessment but he made me feel safe like everything would be ok. Being a single mommy it was comforting to have that feeling. I can count on him. He will look out for me. Mark is a man for the people. I will give him a great recommendation. Mark rocks.
Michelle Evans
Michelle E.
Our home sits on a canyon so we have constant rodents issue. We have Mark aa our service rep and he is very pleasant to work with. He recommends put out 8 bait stations and within a week we already see the difference. We are very pleased with Thrasher and will definite hire them for other services in the future. A great company with highly trained professionals. Thanks again Mark.
Huey Lin
Huey L.
Mark was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I trust Thrasher completely!
Frances MacCartee
Frances M.
fast and reliable. Couldn't have asked for it to be any easier. They worked with my schedule and got the job done. Problem solved. Thanks!
david harris
david H.
I had bed bugs.......YIKES!!!!!!!! So I called Garrett at Thraser Pest Control and he came out to take a look.Not only did he find those tiny bugs, he gave me a price quickly after assessing the situation and I went with their price and program, proven by science to get rid of the bugs. Their office was great to work with and so were their knowledgeable technicians (Ramon, Karl and Keith), I couldn't be more happy with my experience with Thrasher Pest Control. Highly recommended and thank The Lord I am bed bug free!!!!!!!!!!!
andrew coombe
andrew C.
Mark was very thorough and explained what he was doing to rid our home of swarming ants. He injected a gel into several outlet plates and other strategic areas in the house. Then sprayed the exterior perimeter and other problem areas. Perfect service and with a smile! Thanks Thrasher! Thanks Mark!
Philip Rowcliffe
Philip R.
Jason Manuel
Jason M.
Thrasher was ON it & did a great job with fumigation and our deck repairs.
Joe Madden
Joe M.
Mark V. of Thrasher Pest Control visited my home today and treated my property for an investation of ants and spiders. He was very knowledgable and I learned how to minimize areas that attract the ants. Very reasonable cost and bi-monthly treatments hereafter. I would highly recommend Mark V. from Thrasher Pest Control to all my friends!Boy, is my wife going to be happy tonight those darn ants are gone!
Matt DeVol
Matt D.
Mark was extremely profession and very up front with everything that needed to be done. Loved the service and loved the result. I would highly recommend Mark and this service again!
Sean Tompkins
Sean T.
Exellent customer service and attention to detail. Mark was awesome, he made sure he sprayed every inch of the house and took care of all webs and insects.
Ana g Abitia
Ana g A.
Such a great company! All phone interactions are always friendly and professional, and I have gotten to know the technician who comes to treat our house (Mark) well over the last two and a half years. Excellent service - when we moved, I made sure to use them at our new address too. Highly recommend!
Judy Adams
Judy A.
Nice, polite people, including our rep Mark. Quality service, punctual as well.
Marshall Meyers
Marshall M.
I really appreciate the services provided. Mark was very pleasant and professional in explaining what would be done and went about treating the premises rather quickly. Looking forward to working with him and the company in the future. My sincerest appreciation!!
Marcia Cruz
Marcia C.
Great experience. They arrived within the first 5 minutes of our appointment window, were very thorough, and very friendly.
Roseanna Trowbridge
Roseanna T.